Friday, August 20, 2010

Flying High

The other day we took tons (643) of pictures of Ice so we can sell him. But in the process I noticed how intresting the differnet gaits of a horse are. In these series of pictures take a close look at his feet.

In the above picture all 4 feet are off the ground.

here they are all just barely all off.

it is easier to tell when he has a defined shadow but he is in the air here (^)

I love this shot even though it is cropped. The front foot is indeed off the ground I could see it when I zoomed in.

I am so impressed that a horse can do this and still move forward and get off balance! Even while being ridin, a whole new balance issue.

this is only three feet off but still...

Here is more regular, 2 feet off. Can you tell which gait he is going?
Someone cool should get him. He is so neat.