Friday, April 23, 2010

Monday, April 5, 2010

who dosn't want our life?

much improved riding

nice lookin' bunch

here are more pictures.

A Life Changeing Opportunity

This weekend several boys from the Covington Boys Home came down to MSIH to learn all they could about horses.

They did indeed learn much, to the extent that they were trotting comfortable at the end of their second ride. Not to metion riding a colt in the round pen independently... a colt who had previously had only 8-10 hours of training.

What better thing could we do with our time?

Jimmy mounted on Rain in the Face who looks as if this is nothing.
Cody, Bradon and Mike soaking in sun and training.
KC preparing to for the first mount. These pics are in backwards chronological order.

A curious Rain in the Face.

This great colt is will be going home with the boys to become a buddy and mount.

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I have spring break so I am uploading everything all at one time.
Also I can't upload very many pictures at once so it takes many posts.

The Honerable Steven Wayne Edwards Esq.

typical beauty

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stuff has happened
stuff was done
things will happen
all of them fun

67 miles through muck and rain
through adam a sister, a wonderful gain
boys learning riding, training, and trust
perfect sun-lighting making pictures a must


these are pics from the 67 mile ride.
the conditions did not permit more.